Obviously we ‘Luv Carpets’, they are soft, warm, hard wearing and provide the finishing touch to your home.

We supply and fit a wide range of carpets available in different colours, textures, patterns, styles and price ranges; your carpet can truly express your personality while being functional. Carpet has so many benefits and the options are almost limitless!


Benefits of Carpet

As well as making your home look beautiful carpet has many other functional uses which increase its appeal, such as:

It may not sound appealing but it is true, carpets protect against allergens, pollen, dust and other contaminants by capturing these nasty items in its’ pile, they remain there until you hoover or clean your carpet.

Along with underlay, carpet acts as an insulator keeping your home warm during those colder months, this will also help to reduce heating costs because your home will lose heat slower.

Noise Reduction
Carpet absorbs and reduces sound from both internal and external noises, so if you have a television, sound system, you have noisy neighbours or there are road works outside this will help to create a quieter environment.

This is also useful for upstairs rooms as it reduces noise from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa, including the sound of walking.

In properties with young children or elderly people, carpet provides various safety benefits including the fact that it is non-slip, this is more common with tiled, wood or laminate flooring. Carpet will also provide a softer landing in the event you do fall.

Easy Maintenance
Carpet is easier to clean than hard flooring as you can regularly hoover to remove the majority of dirt very quickly, compared to hard flooring which requires mopping and in some instances polishing too.


Types of Carpet Available

As we have already mentioned there are almost limitless types and styles of carpet available, depending on your room type some carpets have better qualities than others, here are the most popular options:


Cut Pile

This is the best selling carpet for residential customers; it is created by shaving the top of a looped carpet, hence this is where the term cut pile comes from. This creates a harder wearing carpet perfect for homes with pets, young children and lots of through traffic.

Popular cut pile carpets include:

This is our most popular choice of carpets, short in height, generally available in plain colours it is a tightly twisted fibre with a great texture ideal for any room of your home.

Another popular choice due to its softness this is for those with a higher budget, this carpet contains 2 different coloured fibres twisted creating a beautiful effect.

This is a carpet you would recognise instantly, it is a short patterned carpet with intricate designs, very hard wearing and often seen in hotels, pubs, restaurants, etc.


Loop Pile

When a carpet is woven, it is made by creating thousands of loops of wool or other fibres, when it is left in this form it is referred to as a loop pile.

This carpet provides a soft and luxurious feel making it an ideal choice for bedrooms and lounges. It is not an ideal choice if you have pets or young children as they are easily snagged.

Larger loops are not recommended for rooms with high traffic as they have a habit of laying flat resulting in the carpet not looking it’s best.

This is the most popular choice of loop pile. It has a thick looped yarn which is very soft, perfect for comfort!

We have other carpet types if you would like something not included in the list above, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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