Why The Great Love for Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Ever wondered why luxury vinyl tiles are getting popular by day? Why do most commercial designers choose this type of flooring? Well, the answer lies with the benefits that tag along with it. As the name suggests, you can visualize the luxurious appearance your home can have. Maybe a look at some of the benefits you can get from this magnificent flooring.

Photogravure process

Thanks to technology, creating a 3-D photo has never been easier. With the right team of experts, you can give your home a luxurious feel that is heart-warming. You can never even tell the difference between the real one and the 3-D photo image.


If you compare, the cost of having Luxury Vinyl Tile is about half the price if you’d gone for the real hardwood.

Environmental wary

As it is a known fact that the environment needs attention; this type of flooring provides an option that can reduce the use of real hardwood. It is 100% vinyl material.


When making such important choices, safety should be among your priorities. Luxury Vinyl tiles does meet the safety requirements most importantly the flammability code. More so it is slip resistance.


There is no much hustle when it comes to maintaining this type of flooring. A damp mop would do just perfectly. Ensure that no slippage happens from beneath the floor, and you’ll reap a long lasting service from it. Treating your floor with care will most certainly ensure that it stands neat and beautiful for a long time, you’ll definitely enjoy that.


With a special, wear layers that are stain, scratch, dent and scuff resistant. A top coating is also included that enhances the floor’s durability. Luxury vinyl tiles are also waterproof in nature, that is they do not warp or discolour when water penetrates their structure continuously; that’s why they are the best choice for bathrooms or areas in the home that are prone to water. If you are looking for a floor type that can handle high-traffic, then this should be your best option.

Diversity in design options

With luxury vinyl tile, the options are abundant. With choices ranging from travertine, wood, marble to slate, there are no limits to what you desire your home to replicate.

DIY Installation

Obviously, the installation process is quite easy if you think of doing it yourself. Just by following the step-by-step procedure you are sure to step up your floor in no time. But all the same, you can decide to involve an expert in one way or another so that you ensure that the process is done perfectly to ensure that you do it as a professional.

All the same, when you want the best for your home you need to know the product you desire. Through research, it will be prudent if you are to achieve the best results on your floor. It is also important that you make the best choice in terms of Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Consulting with a professional is vital for you to make cost-effective decisions. Installing vinyl products can be cheap but not doing it right can be costly in the long run, considering the frequent repairs that will add up to the initial cost.








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